Internet pages are wonderful and do not require to cut down a tree! That's why I decided not to have little cards printed to explain each stone! Little box that always ends up in the trash, we'll tell each other! I will use the phone that always ends up in our pockets to its full potential, the perfect way to always have the characteristics of crystals close to us.
So here you will find everything you need to know about the stones that are found in your candles, their characteristics and much heard how to clean and recharge them.

Note: Crystals are natural formations of the earth, it is therefore impossible to have two identical stones, they are all unique.

Have fun with the power of stones! 


- A M È T H Y S T E

Amethyst is one of the basic stones, important to have at home. It is known to be soothing, encourage good dreams and provide restful sleep. The bedroom is therefore a perfect place to place an amethyst. It is also a perfect stone for meditation and stimulating the 3rd eye.

PTo clean it, you can smoke it with sage, for example, or soak it for a few minutes in water. To recharge it, place it under the rays of the Moon and NEVER in direct sunlight, otherwise over the years the Amethyst will lose its beautiful purple color.

- C A L C I T E   B L E U E 

Blue calcite is perfect for fighting stress, having a peaceful night, far from insomnia, so it is advisable not to put it too far from the bed!

In the daytime, you can keep it close to you, because it helps to develop your consciousness to have inspiration, an excellent stone for artists. You may communicate your feelings through writing or singing.

To clean it put the 5 min in water and recharge the 20 min under the morning sun, or if you have a cluster of Quartz or an Amethyst geode it is also perfect to recharge it.

- H O W L I T E

Howlite helps people who have sleep problems because it reduces anxiety and helps your brain switch off. It decreases hypersensitivity, depression and it slows down bone aging. This stone interacts with the rotation of the Moon, the power of the stone is amplified during full moons and equinoxes. In addition, it is the perfect stone for calming down (perfect for meditating) and calming others around you. You must therefore make sure to purify and recharge your stone after each meeting to discharge it from the negative energies that it will have absorbed.

To clean it, pour fresh water directly on it (moving water will discharge negative energies), leave it for 5 minutes in fresh water (distilled if possible) and to recharge it, let it absorb the rays of the moon.

- Q U A R T Z   R O S E

Rose Quartz is THE stone to attract love into your life. Its pink color is soothing, it brings compassion and kindness. Are you ready to give love and receive it in return? Rose quartz is a stone associated with the heart chakra. Its soft pink color soothes and helps to heal the emotional wounds, heartache and trauma.

To clean it, you just have to immerse it for a few hours in spring water and recharge it in the light of the Moon or in a cluster of Quartz / Geode of Amethyst. 

- L A B R A D O R I T E

Labradorite is a very important stone for all practitioners, therapists, mediums, all those who work to help others, because it protects their aura from negative waves. It is also widely used for meditation because it is relaxing and helps to have a clear mind. It is also a very captivating stone, look at it under the light of the sun, turn it in all possible angles so that all its reflections are revealed to you. 

To clean it, immerse it for several minutes in spring water and recharge it on a full moon evening or on a mass of Quartz.

- L A P I S - L A Z U L I

Lapis Lazuli is a stabilizing stone, useful for concentrating, studying, etc. Put it on your bedside, it will calm you down, take away nervousness, anxiety and it is perfect to help you fall asleep. Lapis-Lazuli with its royal blue color, is attached to the 3rd eye chakra, it helps it to open up and follow its intuition. Magic!! The stone should be avoided for people with low blood pressure because it lowers blood pressure, so it is highly recommended for people with hypertension.

To clean it, it is enough to pour water on it, non-stagnant water more effectively eliminates negative energies. To recharge it, place it under the rays of the Moon, preferably full. 

- M A L A C H I T E

Malachite is a stone that has gone through history. the Egyptians called it the stone of eternal youth and rebirth. The Greeks wore it because it speeds healing and during the Middle Ages it was used to ward off disease. The copper contribution of Malachite relieves painful periods. By putting the stone on your stomach, stomach cramps become less frequent. In lithotherapy, this stone is also used in people suffering from bleeding or circulation problems. Malachite is a stone to be worn alone because it is very powerful and causes others to lose their properties. She is self-sufficient. 

For this stone, you should not put it in water at all to purify it, because it also absorbs the energies of water. It must therefore be fumigated with incense, sage or sandalwood. And to recharge it you can put it under the light of the full Moon or put it on an Amethyst Geode.

- O B S I D I E N N E   N E I G E

Snowflake Obsidian is a very powerful stone to use with care! You have to be CLEAR in your intention, give it a specific goal. It is a stone of protection against negative influences (houraaa).
She reminds us that there is always darkness in light because darkness enhances brightness so that we can see everything clearly. Assume the darkness to better perceive the clarity in your life. It is a stone of balance between yin and yang, it readjusts the mind and emotions. A stone to use during meditation.
To clean it, you can soak it for a few minutes in distilled water and to recharge it, just put it in the light of the sun or put it on a cluster of Quartz or Amethyst.

- O B S I D I E N N E   N O I R E

Black obsidian is also a very powerful stone, it must be used with FULL awareness. It draws you to the center of yourself, where the truth is, but the truth is not always easy to hear... Accept this truth and forgive yourself, to end up surrounding yourself with a feeling of love. . It is downright a shield against all negative energies, the evil eye, evil spells, it is a great protection. It is an excellent stone of introspection, of shadow work because it brings out our "qualities" and our "defects" so be attentive. This stone makes you want to move forward and change things, it accompanies you to make the right decisions.

To clean it, simply immerse it in distilled water or pass it through the smoke produced by sage. Recharging is done in sunlight, in a cluster of Quartz or an Amethyst geode.

- O E I L   D E   T I G R E

Stone of protection, it leaves you the free field to be yourself, by repelling negative energies or evil eye launched on you. You can imagine it as a shield, so it is interesting to place it at the entrance of your house to repel negative energies. Very positive stone that helps to regain self-confidence and very interesting to admire thanks to its golden reflections.
To clean it, immerse it for a few hours in demineralized water, then put it in the sun to recharge it.

- O P A L I T E

Opalite is a stone created by man, it is not created by nature like the others, but I find it too crunchy. Personally, it fills my child's heart with joy when I put my eye on it to look through. It will delight your children just like you.
It is a stone that helps you to have better self-esteem, to work from within. And who says inner work says self-love. 
To clean it, immerse it for a few hours in water and recharge it with sunlight.

- R H O D O N I T E

Rhodonite makes it possible to connect the heart and the spirit, to laugh at the difficulties that life brings, because later, we know that it was a beautiful lesson. This stone offers support in difficult times, grief, loss of a loved one and in sadness. It is a stone of love yes, but of love for oneself, the center of everything.
To clean it, simply soak it for a few hours in spring water and recharge it in the sun or under the full moon.