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The creation of this one is a little different, it was whispered in my ear by a friend who wanted a candle completely white and vanilla-based. That's when I felt my brain crackle and I saw the candle being created in my head.

Several months ago I thought of creating a candle based on vanilla but I still didn't know what to mix it with and what style to give it. His ideas sparked my creativity and this candle was created in seconds. The mix of smells was immediately divine and ready for production.

The White flowers come from a bouquet that my boyfriend had bought me and which I had dried in anticipation of using them one day. They are therefore filled with a magnificent energy of love and thanks to you I will have the pleasure of receiving more bouquets of flowers to use them again. What a pleasure to dry your flowers yourself!  

Crystals: Fire, Howlite and Selenite

Smell: Natural Vanilla fragrance and Ylang-Ylang essential oil

Option small crystals: Opalite et Howlite

Large crystals option: Opalite, Howlite and a Selenite stick of about 5 cm. (so on)
Convenient to have both choices, no need to have 20 turns of Selenite but still important to have natural candles at home ;)
All our candles are handmade, with soy wax, essential oils and natural fragrances.