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Le stress is part of the daily life of many people, so I created this candle to bring you back to the present time, so that you can take time for yourself and relax.

Let go of the control you have over yourself and everything around you. Meditate on this to improve your quality of life. 

The lavender is known to be calming, it helps to ward off insomnia and irritability. Its smell also soothes headaches. As it is a very powerful essential oil, I wanted to keep its smell as much as possible by adding a little touch of jasmine.

There is a variety of Jasmine in tropical countries that opens its flowers only at nightfall, a very intense and divine smell. This is why the inhabitants place jasmines under their bedroom window, in order to enjoy this delicious smell when going to bed. Lavender and Jasmine, a sweet blend to relax and why not take you to dreamland!  

Crystals: Lapis-Lazuli, Amethyst and Blue Calcite  

Smell: Fine lavender essential oil, natural fragrance of lavender, and natural fragrance of jasmine.

Option small crystals: Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst

Option gros cristal: Lapis-Lazuli, Amethyst and a Blue Calcite egg of about 4 cm.
Convenient to have both choices, no need to have 20 blue Calcite eggs but still important to have natural candles at home ;)
All our candles are handmade, with soy wax, essential oils and natural fragrances. .