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The classic smell of love, the memory of Romeo and Juliet (smell of the Rose), Casanova's temps (the Ylang-Ylang will see its description by clicking on it), the romantic little streets of Venice. It is in this palette of scents that I imbued the candle with love. Bathe in the romance of this floral bouquet and manifest Love.
Crystals: Quartz Rose, Opalite et Rhodonite

Smell: Ylang-Ylang essential oil, natural Jasmine fragrance, White Sandalwood essential oil and Natural Rose Fragrance 

Option small crystals: Opalite and Rhodonite

Option gros cristal: Opalite, Rhodonite and a Rose Quartz tower of about 5 cm. 
Handy to have both choices, no need to have 20 Rose Quartz towers but still important to have natural candles at home ;)
All our candles are handmade, with soy wax, essential oils and natural fragrances.